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Same Objects but.....

Apr 28, 1998 10:36 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>However if we are to honor their example of truth-living, it is
>our responsibility to set others right, if w notice that they are

Misunderstood compared to our very narrow band of knowledge and
understanding. Setting them right? What is right? Why would you want to
set or adjust them? Sharing your information according to your world and
they can take or leave it, is more like it. Have you ever spoken to a
madman, a manic depressive in a mad stage? After a conversation, I start
to wonder, well, perhaps his world is not so false. It's very real to him,
his angels and God. I can't set him. I can only share my information
about my world with him, which is I can't see his angels and his God. I
can't deny that he didn't see them, because he did.

>it is a thankless task in most cases, for people
>(personalities) will insist on seeing things "their way."

It's thankless because nobody's asking for it. You're "setting" people all
for your own benefit.

Anyway, Dallas, your intentions are good.

Thoa :o)

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