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Re: : Theosophy in the mist

Apr 28, 1998 05:49 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Just my 2 cts. Good post, Dallas.

>"Three distinct representations of the Universe in its three
>distinct aspects are impressed upon our thoughts by the esoteric
>philosophy: the PRE-EXISTING (evolved from), the EVER-EXISTING;
>and the PHENOMENAL -- the world of illusion, the reflection, and
>shadow thereof.

These refer to the Formless, Form, and Desire realms of Buddhism
and also to her own 7-Plane solar universe as: beyond the 7 planes,
the highest 3 planes, and the lowest 4 planes respectively.

>During the great mystery and drama of life known as the
>Manvantara (A long period of manifestation and evolution -- see
>SD II 68-70 for years and length)
>real Kosmos is like the object placed behind the white screen
>upon which are thrown the Chinese shadows, called forth by the
>magic lantern.

Her "real Kosmos" refers to the 3 planes above the Abyss.

>The actual figures and things remain invisible, while the wires
>of evolution are pulled by the unseen hands; and men and things
>are but the reflections, on the white field, of the realities
>behind the snares of Mahamaya , or the Great Illusion.

For "invisible" read formless or emptiness.

 >...or the three in One.

I borrowed her "three in One" to describe the spiritual monad
or "ray" which I call the I-Not-I.

>As to the MONADS.
>In their aggregate UNITY they form the "eternal background." in
>their Individuality they are at the root of every Unit that is
>manifesting. They provide by their constant interaction the
>bonds of karma, and the impetus for progress which is to be seen
>in every physical thing or being of whatever degree.

Recall my experience of seeing a monad that I posted a few days
ago. There is both unity and individuality at the same time. A
paradox. However, you can see the difficulty words can bring: it
sounds like the monads themselves are interacting and progressing
while it is really their "rays" that do so.

> As I understand, the Monads are the fundamental building blocks
>of nature, and they form the focus for all evolutionary progress.

Dallas, be careful of this idea. Monads are not atoms or quarks.
The monad is the divine spark or spark of divinity or inner god.
It has a lot of names but I wouldn't call it a building block.

>The first 300 pages of the SD make the position very clear,

I am glad that you think it is all that clear. It is not so clear to me,
and I suspect that without spiritual experiences that it will be unclear
to others.

 Jerry S.

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