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Re:Defending oneself, or "the cause?"

Apr 27, 1998 08:22 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> identified with these things. For a very long time I was
> perplexed by the virulence of some of the attacks on my books,
> since they were intended to be friendly to HPB and generally
> favorable. At last I came to realize that they were interpreted
> as being deliberate vicious attacks by people whose personal egos
> were heavily invested in a particular understanding of HPB.

 Last year, it was determined by DNA testing that Neanderthal Man was
not an anscestor of modern humanity, but a cousin, a failed offshoot.
This made the theory that our physical anscestors came from Africa and
migrated north through the Sahara the exclusive one that is taken
seriously by anthropologists. Note the similarity to Leadbeater's view,
except that he said they came through the Gobi instead of the Sahara.
One of our older and more respected members, however, was furious,
because he believed that I was trying to prove Leadbeater wrong, rather
than trying to prove him right except for what I thought was a
relatively minor detail. He felt that if the physical evidence disagreed
with Leadbeater in any particular, then the evidence must be wrong, even
if it agreed with Leadbeater 99.999%.

 Bart Lidofsky

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