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Re:Stand up Mr. Algeo

Apr 26, 1998 07:55 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:43 AM 4/26/1998 -0400, Ken Malkin wrote:
>John has, with the boards support continually denied members the right
>to use the mailing list of the TSA for Theosophical business. It is
>illegal for him to do that, Federally and in the State of Illinois. We
>are a non-profit organization and every member is entitled to use the
>membership list.
>If someone instructs the 'keeper of the list' not to make their name
>public, that request must be honored. I doubt that is the circumstance
>at Wheaton for the entire membership. When asked, Nathan Greer the


No member has the right, under Illinois Law to keep their name and address
confidential. Once you are a dues paying member of a Illinois Non Profit
Corporation, then the membership list is accessible to any member in good
standing. It is like voters list. If you are a voter, has anyone tried to
keep their name confidential?

The access to membership list to members in good standing was added to the
Illinois law because traditionally those currently holding offices have
prevented general membership from directly contacting and conveying their
view points when important issues such as change in bylaws and election of

I formally brought the access to membership issue to the attention of the
Board of Directors. The simple answer I got was that they are complying
with the laws.

If my contention that membership list should be made available to any
member in good standing is disputed, is TSA willing to open up all their
records relating to this issue so that we can see what formal advise they
got from their attorneys and others on this question.

If their arguments are correct, then let the world know about it. Let light
shine and truth come out. If we see only silence, then you can come to your
own conclusion why secrecy and silence.


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