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Re:Membership/Branch Downward trend in TSA

Apr 26, 1998 07:34 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Martin:

I have done my share of the work for Theosophy (and Humanity) and doing it
every day. People who know me know about it.

When one runs for the top office and gets elected, responsibility cannot be
delegated or others blamed.

How often you find the issues and problems facing the Society, Nationally
and Internationally have been discussed in Quest/AT. All we get is silence
and secrecy. I am sure that some of them were discussed at the General
Council meeting Algeo attended in Adyar in December 97. In his report of
the Adyar visit, he discussed all items totally irrelevant to TS and its
future, but not a word about anything that GC discussed. Also just look at
the reports of the meeting of the Board of Directors that appears in
Quest/AT. All insignificant things are mentioned. Again secrecy and silence
on important business transacted.

Leadership is essential for any organization. IMHO, the problems of TS in
the past can be traced to the silence of the membership which may be taken
as been satisfied with status quo. BTW, you cannot expect any ES member and
who is also prominent to criticise any policy or leader of TS/TSA and in
the past it is reported that they were asked to leave ES.

The question now is (a) what are the problems that are recognized as being
serious for the future of TS/TSA (b) what are the strategy and plans to
deal with them?

Once these are dealt with, all of us can put all our unified efforts and
hope for a glorious future for TS/TSA. Leadership must come from leaders.

M K Ramadoss
Member TSA in San Antonio, Texas

BTW: I have been around TS for several decades and so my feedback and
concerns are based on this background.

At 12:18 AM 4/26/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear brother mkr,
>Why the blame on the decline of membership on J.Algeo.
>What have you and the rest of ACT members and other critics have done to
>reverse the trend?
>Are you waiting for the president to give a talk?
>Oh how easy is to bad mouth someone . . . and blame for the downtrend .
>. .
>If there is some one to blame is the member in general that does not
>take the time and energy to do it.
>How many lectures brother 'mkr' have you given in your local library,
>and other places, even at your home, about theosophy? How many Lodges
>and Study centers have you visited to lecture, encourage and participate
>in the sharing of theosophy?
>I have visited many Lodges and Study groups, and I have observed, in
>general, a lack of 'expanding activities' a lack of true theosophical
>We do not need any president to motivate our towns, we know our
>commuties better that any Wheaton officer.
>Lets focus our soul properly, in ACTING towards "sharing Theosophy" and
>stop crying aloud for like wounded animals.
>It is time to fill our Lodges with new comers, it is time to go out of
>our shells of TAMAS and look for the new seekers of the Divine Wisdom
>where they are and bring them to our places of study and work. This is
>theosophical work not you email about declining memebrship and John
>Martin Leiderman
>in West Los Angeles

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