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Re:Membership/Branch Downward trend in TSA

Apr 25, 1998 06:58 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I and many thousands of people around this country are customers of Sams
Club and Walmart because they provide quality goods at very competitive
prices. When many do not have the luxury of paying higher prices as they
live from paycheck to paycheck, what people are concerned about is their
own day to day survival.

There is this modern trend of large chain stores and very large
institutions, the landscape of business is changing. Like the elevator/lift
operators and telephone operators lost their jobs and mom and pop grocers
went out of business, the whole picture has to be taken in perspective.

So the point that is still unanswered is how many lodges/studycenters in
USA has John Algeo visited during the last 12 months? He has been busy
travelling overseas and lecturing, while the lodges/studycentes/branches
and membership is going south. After all he ran to get elected to lead and
take care of TSA. During his tenure TSA membership and branch count has
been going down with no end in sight nor even an ackowlegement that there
is a problem.


At 08:22 AM 4/25/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>In my opinion, Sam Walton is not a name to be used to prove any point
>positive. His great "successes" have ruined the lives of many small
>family owned businesses in this country and I have not set foot in one
>of his stores in 7 years.
>Just had to get that out.

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