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Being defined - ascension

Apr 24, 1998 12:06 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:

> 1. INDIVIDUALITY [ Atma (spirit) -- Buddhi (acquired wisdom
> of experience over thousands of lives) -- Manas (the thinking
> faculty, memory, logic, anticipation) and, the
> 2. PERSONALITY (Lower Manas (embodied mind) -- Kama
> (Desires, wants, passions) -- Prana (Life principle) --
> Astral Body (electro-magnetic invisible 'body' on which the
> physical molecules, cells and other structures arrange
> themselves) -- Physical body

This distinction is the most basic and fundamental that can be made, IMO. It is
also the basic distinction (although labelled differently) offered in the "SD of
the Summit Lighthuse" - "Climb the Highest Mountain" in order to explain the
"human condition" and its higher potential.

To the person who was looking for a definition of "ascension" a couple of weeks
ago, I would like to add that, as I understand it, ascension happens when
everything listed under "2" above is ERMANENTLY transcended. All energy and
vehicles vibrating on these levels become obsolete by the souls identification
with the higher principles as defined under "1".


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