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A central contradiction in TS

Apr 21, 1998 08:38 PM
by Peter R Calvert

Alan Bain wrote (re maintaining contact with ones higher selves):
> Can't be done without giving up *some* of the time spent in these otherwise worthy pursuits,
>IMO. However, to make the best use of higher self, contact with others *at any level* is
Having spent about 3 years in weekly mediumship development groups, and observing my
clairvoyance steadily increasing, I certainly agree.

In addition, however, I have had to specifically rebel against the TS injunction against such
spiritual activity. During an enjoyable discussion following a review of Leadbeater's small book
on mediumship, I finally managed to articulate what is for me a central contradiction in the
position propounded in TS regarding such occult practice as mediumship ie., that such things are
held in high esteem, but are specifically not recommended on the grounds of their presumed
danger. I observe the results of this doctrinaire position to be that many people satisfy their
spiritual curiosity in activities with diverse 'New Age' groups who do not have this attitude, but
encourage open exploration, and the TS steadily loses membership. It seems to me that a
systematic revision of that attitude in TS is long overdue, as I imagine it stems from long ago
when TS was in strong competition with the developing Spiritualist movement. I
wonder if
anyone can confirm this, or otherwise accurately identify it's source. I certainly believe it to be
now irrelevant.

And I'm damned if I will be damned ;-)

> > The problem I have with HPB's
> >statement was that it creates exclusivity. The statement basically states
> >that individuals who are in environments that helps them maintain contact
> >with their higher selves will evolve, whereas all others (and many all
> >others) are in danger of destroying their Antahkarana.
> I had one of those, but it fell of the shelf and broke. [That's me damned forever].
> In my view (and part experience) everyone *moves on* to more or less the same "next
>dimension" at physical death, having gone through what I understand as a "second death" on the
>way. This is partly based on NDEs of mine, and ocasional "chats" with dead folk. [Double
>damned now]
> Come to think of it, as an apostate kind of catholic, I'm probably triple damned by now
> As I am a vegetarian I may get another damnatation from Thoa, but mine is from personal
>choice, not from dogma, so maybe not.
> Alan :0) ------------------- Brought to you from West Cornwall, UK
Peter R. Calvert | There are no second-hand adepts! | Joy Mills. T.S.

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