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Re:Krisnamurti and nihilism

Apr 21, 1998 06:12 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Thoa Tran <> writes
>How, then, to maintain such a contact with
>the higher selves when you are out working a regular job, talking to
>regular folks, watching popular media, etc.?

Can't be done without giving up *some* of the time spent in these
otherwise worthy pursuits, IMO. However, to make the best use of
higher self, contact with others *at any level* is essential.

> The problem I have with HPB's
>statement was that it creates exclusivity. The statement basically states
>that individuals who are in environments that helps them maintain contact
>with their higher selves will evolve, whereas all others (and many all
>others) are in danger of destroying their Antahkarana.

I had one of those, but it fell of the shelf and broke. [That's me damned

In my view (and part experience) everyone *moves on* to more or less
the same "next dimension" at physical death, having gone through what
I understand as a "second death" on the way. This is partly based on
NDEs of mine, and ocasional "chats" with dead folk. [Double damned

Come to think of it, as an apostate kind of catholic, I'm probably triple
damned by now (minimum).

As I am a vegetarian I may get another damnatation from Thoa, but
mine is from personal choice, not from dogma, so maybe not.

Alan :0)
Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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