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Re:The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 21, 1998 01:20 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>This statement was a conclusion that either G de P or AB/CWL
>arrived at after her death from their own study and surmises.
>Thank you. I was pretty sure that that conclusion was not hers.

Dallas, this does not invalidate the idea.

>Personally I do not find it helpful to have statements placed in
>HPB's mount or off her pen which she did not actually say.
>Neither the Masters nor HPB have said this as far as I can

Neither HPB nor her Masters ever said that it was not so, either.
They simply never mentioned it at all.

>I HAVE found too much of the speculations of those who developed
>their ideas after her death to be inaccurate. And they do not
>stay in accord with the "original teachings."

Could you please give me a few references? I have found the very
opposite--most take her material and expand it a bit, but I am
not aware of any falsities nor am I convinced that the "original
teachings" are the end all and be all of truth. Please convince me.

Jerry S.

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