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Re:Belief in the beyond

Apr 20, 1998 05:40 PM
by Jerry Schueler


The first thing to mind is, of course, that Blavatsky predicted
this kind of thing would happen.

Second, the president of Llewellyn once told me that his
books sell best when times are tough, and worst during
the good times. This was, he said, because magic and
occultism allow people to take a little more control of their
lives. People with cancer or other major diseases, for
example, will gravitate to the occult simply because they
have lost self-control and are seeking to regain it.

Jerry S.

>In today's USA Today, a box on the lower left of the front page
>contains the following info:
>Adults today vs. 1976 who say they believe "somewhat" in:
> 1998 1976
>Spiritualism 52% 12%
>Faith healing 45% 10%
>Astrology 37% 17%
>UFOs 30% 24%
>Reincarnation 25% 9%
>Fortunetelling 14% 4%
>Interesting news for the ARE and/or students of the readings, as
>well as for Theosophists. Comments?

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