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Re:The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 18, 1998 03:25 PM
by Jerry Schueler


I am convinvced that evolution is a cycle or circle, not a spiral.
This means that we wind up pretty much where we started off,
as timeless and spaceless monads. So what's the point?
I think that life needs no "reason" other than self-manifestation
(Meister Eckhart said the same thing years ago). The concept
of "purpose" implies time, and timeless things don't need a
purpose, because they are already perfect.

As to the other point; chaos and order (or cosmos) are
two sides of the same thing--a duality, and so you can't
have one without the other.

Jerry S.

>Jerry Schueler wrote:
>> > Yet, when you look at it from
>> >the point of view of the cosmos, there is purpose to the in-breath and
>> >out-breath that all life is part of. ... Viewed from
>> >this way, chaos and randomness is only a subset of the orderliness of
>> >that IS.
>> These two ideas are, IMHO, wishful thinking. I can no longer think this
>Don't tease. Please spill those chaotic beans! How do you think now and

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