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Re:G.R.S. Mead & the editing of the 1893 edition of THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Apr 11, 1998 05:49 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Caldwell/Graye <> writes
>Dr. Bain,
>In light of what I have quoted from Mr. Mead's own
>words, i.e. " I am responsible for by far the major part of this
>revision of the original edition of *The Secret Doctrine* . . .",
>do you still agree with the statement in your own email that
>"Mead's contribution to this edition was mainly by way of the
>verification and - where necessary - corrections of HPB's very many
>notes and footnotes . . . ."?

I quoted my reference as Mr. R.A.Gilbert of Bristol, UK, a well known
student of theosopical history and author of a number of books on
esoteric matters. I have no reason to doubt his word, as his research
has always been, in my experience, impeccable. I will, however, put
this question to him in the hope that he may have the time to come up
with chapter and verse, or, if need be, to correct me if I am wrong in
thus attributing this matter to him



Fax copy to R.A.Gilbert.
Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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