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Re:Re: The "Eternal Present: and KARMA

Apr 11, 1998 05:50 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 11th


Dear Kazimir:

The Buddha said "Sorrow is." and to that he added:


Then, to inspire hope he spoke of the 3rd Truth:


But, how is that done ?

To answer that he spoke of THE NOBLE EIGHTFOLD PATH -- THAT LEADS
TO SORROW'S CEASING -- and for many years he labored traveling up
and down India preaching his doctrine that it is "man" who, by
breaking Nature's laws, makes "sorrow" for himself. And that
great law which rules the whole Universe, and includes all that
we do, or feel or think is called KARMA. [ Action and Reaction.]

As I see it, inherent in each of us is a very great independence.
But, such independence cannot exist totally isolated. It
requires the cooperation of all other beings around it to sustain
it and to nourish it, so independence is invariably balanced by

I think that our "independence" resides in our mind -- and that
the "mind" is the force or power which links on one hand the
metaphysics of what we call SPIRIT, and on the other the physical
forms of what we call MATTER. So, metaphysically and
philosophically, we have three interdependent parts of the
"whole" :
 Spirit = Mind = Matter

and this is the beginning, the apex of the Pythagorean triangle.

Hope this is of some help,

My thought is that this is the great lesson we all have to
learn., and whether we do this with attention or carelessly, that
is where our true progress lies. Of course you may use other
words than those I use, but what about the ideas ?

>From: "Kazimir Majorinc" <>
>Date: Friday, April 10, 1998 2:38 PM
>Subject: Re:Re: The "Eternal Present: and KARMA
>At 16.27 10.4.98 -0400, you wrote:
>>>If we consider that Karma represents a complete record of all
>>>past links of our choice as free willed beings, then our
>>>"present" arises from that past....
>>But Dallas, I cannot consider Karma as "complete" in any way.
>>Chaos or uncertainty, like it or not, is a vital part of our
>>Jerry S.
>If there is only one point of pain in the any world,
>we can say even more: Chaos rules.
> Kazimir Majorinc, dipl. ing. math.
> Faculty of Natural Sciences and Math, University of
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