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ISIS and SD "teaches history"

Apr 10, 1998 06:23 PM
by Dr A M Bain

W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>With all the evidence and coherency in theosophical literature
>written by HPB, why not grant that those are, as ideas,
>"artifacts" of thought and research, (or even take them to be
>evidence of some proofs of theories) which if added to the FACTS
>we have, lead to a perception of certain universal concepts that
>cement a 'whole' together ?
>Are we not offered an opportunity to delve into the causative and
>subjective areas (of mind and conception) that are usually hidden
>from our direct perception, but which leave hints scattered here
>and there, so that those who acquire information about those can
>detect them ?

I agree more or less entirely with these sentiments, which is why I would
call myself, in my own way, a theosophist. I certainly share your views
on the reading of the STANZAS. And I join you in seeking after the
source(s) of the "hints scattered here and there" which have kept me
busy for the past 40+ years!

Best wishes to you also!

Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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