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Re:Impersonal Personality

Apr 10, 1998 09:33 AM
by Mark Kusek

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> Mark Kusek <> writes
> >I mean, wouldn't you just have to go around making impersonal,
> >Jesus-like "I AM" statements? What else could you do without adopting a
> >persona?
> Not a lot.
> Alan

Exactly. I believe that if you are in embodiment (whatever the staus of
your inner psychic locus [and there are undoubtedly many if you consider
the movement of consciousness in psychological time and space), and
relating through the psyche and physical body to the rest of the world,
your relation cannot but be influenced or conditioned by personal
factors like gender and sexuality, cultural millieu and individual
experience along with the inevitable bias that these carry.

I AM Mark
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