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Re:The Ascended Masters

Apr 10, 1998 09:15 AM
by Mark Kusek

Bjorn Roxendal wrote:
> Jerry Hejka-Ekins wrote:
> > >
> > I have not heard Mrs. Prophet in person, though I have heard tapes and seen
> > videos. I respect your experience and have met others who have said much the
> > same thing. For me, I'm afraid that I can't get past the staging, lighting,
> > professional color schemes, and what sounds to me like mythological history.
> > Perhaps a future experience will change my mind.
> Jerry, just want to thank you for your open and nonjudgmental attitude. At least
> you don't join the crowd that is dismissing ECP or other teachers because of bad
> press, rumors and the like.
> For me, the outer attributes of colors lighting etc never was an issue, probably
> because I read some Summit Lighouse books and listened to tapes of dictations
> etc before I made any more visual contact. Primarily I listened to the
> dictations, at a time when my English was quite inadequate, and received the
> radiation and the stream of consciousness that came through them. Coming from a
> background of eastern teachings and meditation I was somewhat sensitive to
> different levels of "vibrations" and was struck by the intensity and uplifting
> as well as transformative action of what was coming through these tapes. Quite
> frankly, I have never, before or after experinced any spiritual outpouring that
> comes even close.

Personally, I appreciated the art of their presentation, just as I do
any other well put public speaking engagement.

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