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Re:Decline and expansion

Apr 08, 1998 11:37 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Tillett was referring to the Egyptian Rite, a very secret group in the TS.
Originally, members or the ER were not even supposed to acknowledge its
existence, even when directly asked. This may still be the case. I haven't
asked lately.

M K Ramadoss wrote:

> At 12:52 AM 4/9/98 +0100, you wrote:
> >Bart Lidofsky <> writes
> >>Note a lot of Wiccan rituals come from co-Masonic rituals created by CWL
> >
> >Can you verify this? Co-Masonic rituals that I have participated in are
> >so similar to English Grand Lodge masonic rituals as to make little
> >difference to the substance thereof. In addition, the co-masonic order is
> >an offshoot from French freemasonry, and to this day has nothing to do
> >directly with the TS or CWL, although members of the TS may
> >sometimes be co-masons. In my old lodge (which had about 30
> >*active* members, only two of us were co-masons, and this had no
> >effect upon our TS connections whatever.
> >-------------
> >A.M.Bain, D.D.
> In Tillett's book, there is a reference to the Egyptian Ritual was adapted
> for use by a group of young women who were also ES members. Does anyone has
> any info? According to Tillett, when he inquired of some members, he was met
> with surprise and silence (I am quoting from memory). Who know what the
> situation today is?
> mkr

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