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Impersonal Personality

Apr 08, 1998 07:58 PM
by Mark Kusek

> Govert Schuller wrote:

> Quoting HPB:
> Let him view the lower manas, or mind,
> as the personal ego [personal self] during the waking state, and as
> Antahkarana only during those moments when it aspires towards its higher Ego
> [higher self], and thus becomes the medium of communication between the two.

< and snip>

> Therefore we are told that if
> we destroy Antahkarana before the personal [personal self] is absolutely
> under the control of the impersonal Ego [the higher self], we risk losing
> the latter and be severed for ever from it, unless indeed we hasten to
> re-establish the communication by a supreme and final effort. It is only
> when we are indissolubly linked with the essence of the divine Mind [higher
> self] that we have to destroy Antahkarana. H.P.Blavatsky, The Esoteric
> Writings, pp. 413-414.

If the Antahkarana is the "personal ego's aspiration towards it's higher
Ego" [whatever that is psychologically or however a person experiences
it], and it is intended to be eventually destroyed in the normal course
of occult evolution/initiation, what psychological state does one have
to be in to have no aspiration, but be "absolutely under the control of
the impersonal ego?" An "impersonal person" with no existant aspiration
to remain so?

Can an "impersonal person" BE in embodiment?

What would that look like? Is it a person who goes around saying "No,
I'm not kidding, I am a higher Ego, but I really have no aspirations
left to be so. I no longer need them you see, because I just AM WHAT I
AM. Seriously. Don't call me by name, because I'm not that person
anymore. I'm just I AM. Mr. I AM. I'm what you call a God-Man, you see.
Mr. God-Man."

The men in the white suits (talk about your White Brotherhood) will come
and put him in a rubber room!

If aspiration is destroyed, what's left to be "controled?" Only the
undesirable and instinctual parts of personality? How can you become
"indissoluably linked" and then destroy the one and only means you had
to get that way? What is that experience like psychologically?

When you turn to face the world and other human beings again, what
perspective do you take? How do you exist in a body, in a psyche of kama
and dual-manas, and yet orient "yourSELF" to the rest of the world
without a persona? ..... Anybody?

I mean, wouldn't you just have to go around making impersonal,
Jesus-like "I AM" statements? What else could you do without adopting a

Just curious.

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