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Apr 08, 1998 12:25 PM
by Alpha (Tony)

Bjorn wrote:
>To have shelters makes sense in a world where nucear terrorism or war is a
>possibility that cn not be ruled out. Who can GUARANTEE that there will not
be a
>nuclear war? And if you cannot do that, then it seems to make sense to be
>prepared to survive, IF it would happen.
>To be able to defend your shelters make sense also. During periods of
>disintegration, which is quite likely if the shelters need to be used, these
>shelters may be a target for takeover or abuse in other ways. If you build them
>you should be able to defend them.

Surely it would be rather an odd thing for a Theosophist to do? To build
the shelters in the first place, and then to protect them with arms when so
many would be suffering. What an absolutely ghastly thing to be doing.
Whos idea of survival is this?
Best wishes

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