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Re:Different Editions of THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Apr 07, 1998 07:08 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

>Dallas writes:
>>Theosophical University Press in Pasadena publishes an almost
>>exact version of the original SD of 1888, but on comparison
>>certain changes (editings) made by Boris de Zircov were found to
>>be introduced into the text on the thesis that these were errors
>>made inadvertently in the original.
>Daniel responds:
>Dallas, you must be confusing two different editions. The Theosophical
>University Press edition currently being sold is a facsimile of the
>original 1888 edition. The Collected Writings edition of the S.D.
>published by the Theosophical Publishing House is the one edited and
>corrrected by Boris de Zirkoff.

Actually, Theosophical University Press has *two* editions, or at
least used to have two editions. The earlier edition was typeset again,
with improved readability. It was done perhaps 10 or 20 years ago.
It no longer appears in the TUP catalog. The later edition is a
photographic facsimile of the original 1888 edition; it's what TUP
currently offers.

-- Eldon

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