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Factions in the T.S.

Apr 07, 1998 12:56 PM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-04-07 12:00:10 EDT, you write:

<< Why not a Blavatsky faction, a Steiner faction, a Bailey faction, and a
none-of-the-above faction? Why would K vs. Hodson/Leadbeater issue be the
defining one there? >>

DIFFERENT FACTIONS IN CANADA: Although it is now hard to determine what
exactly is going on in the Theosophical Movement north of the border, I did
discern a distinct pro-Blavatsky tilt in the Canadian Theosophist, a magazine
to which I have been subscribing for years. Now I see that there has been a
gradual shift towards Alice Bailey in the same journal. I know that some
lodges have broken away from the Canadian T.S. Whether this is the result of a
shift in emphasis on teachers is a matter someone closer to the situation will
have to answer.

There are no Steiner factions in the TS that I know of. They all find a home
in the Anthroposophical Society.


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