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Re:King James version

Apr 06, 1998 06:05 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Jeffrey Michael Hoover <> writes
>Dear Dr. Bain,
> Our Beloved Saint Germain, as Francis Bacon, was responsible for
>the King James version of the bible.

Good grief. Even if true [you have a signed copy of the original?] it is
still a bad translation. In the Greek "received text" (again there are
other texts) which it is claimed in the preface to the KJVas being the
source, Jesus is reported (in Greek) as having said, "Whoever has ears
to hear - listen!" and not, as in the KJV, "He that hath ears to hear,
etc." The original is not gender specific, the KJV is. This is, without
doubt, a mistranslation. Study your subject, please, before making
unsubstantiated claims.

Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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