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Re:Question: new messenger?

Apr 06, 1998 04:39 PM
by M K Ramadoss

One of the long term objectives of Theosophy/TS is to provide opportunity
for man/woman fundamentally change from within rather than change the
system outside. This being the case, if Krishnmurti's speeches and writings
are helping anyone in this direction, it is well and good. Also what he is
trying to achieve is to reach everyone -- not the scholars and intellectual
giants and geniuses -- so that everyone can benefit from his ideas and end
with the same result that Theosophy/TS is trying. At this time, very little
is being done how to reach the less educated masses. Especially in the US,
I have not seen any effort being made to reach the minorities, whereas
Krishnamurti was especially aware of this need. As long ago as 1936, when
he visited San Antonio, Texas on a lecture tour, he made two public
speeches. Those days of segregation, men and women of Hispanic and
Afro-American origin were not allowed to attend any mainstream lectures
attended by whites. So first lecture was for the whites and the second
lecture he delivered was for the Hispanic and Afro American population. To
me whether he accepted the Theosophical concept of Masters or not is
insignificant. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in eating. If
Krishnamurti was able to reach a large number of people and was able to
affect them, that is all that matters. I am also sure that the Brotherhood
has a duty and mission and so long as that is achieved or even assisted by
anyone, what anyone *thinks* of the Brotherhood does not matter. What
Brotherhood is looking forward is results.

My 0.02. Your mileage and direction may vary.



At 01:37 PM 4/6/1998 -0300, you wrote:
> You are sure! Certainly I think that Krisnamurti is respectable.
>Not necessarily by contact with "masters" or another suppost
>authority...(that, I agree, may be questionable) but by the "knowledge"
>found in his speaks and writtes.
> The same "knowledge" that make the non-theosophical people and
>non-religious scientific people recognize him like "one of bigs, if not the
>biggest, philosopher of XX Century".
> Who can says that it is wrong? Or fanaticism? Your "Masters" or another
>-----Mensagem original-----
>De: Jeffrey Michael Hoover <>
>Para: <>
>Data: Domingo, 5 de Abril de 1998 23:18
>Assunto: Re:Question: new messenger?
>Fernando de Freitas Said Sunday, April 05, 1998 6:36 PM:
>>Very well, Bart!
>>Out of original context, important quotes can be used like "perversions"...
>>That's the reason why Krishnamurti always alert against the danger of
>Mr. Freitas,
>With all do respect, you seem overly enamored by the beauty of this guy
>Krishnamurti! It seems he may have some good parts of questioning
>however, I believe one must always express the utmost respect for his Guru
>those who led him along.
>I my humble opinion, one who does not show respect, is not a Messenger.
>out the absolute grace balanced by judgement of EPC for yourself. That
>is a good indicator of Mesengership.

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