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Apr 06, 1998 02:12 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

> One major source of distorted reality surrounding the current Messenger
>from a very angry, fanatical, disabled, divorced, ex-member that lives in
>Livingston named Peter Arnone. I have had conversations with Arnone and
>he lives to criticize the current Messenger with all sorts of mis-guided
>notions about reality and unresolved personal psychological issues. It is
>unfortunate because I really kind of like Arnone. He seems nice enough to
>direct his energy in worth-while endeavors and really do the world some good!


My idea is not very well known. If you would like a quick glimpse into this
"new" idea on theosophy and I AM teachings, you can read a webpage I put on
the internet:

I'm only bringing it up here, because you are mentioning a man who is
disgruntled over his experience with EPC. What do you think would happen if
dinosaurs - people - masters became a topic of ordinary conversation, in
the way I supposition it? Do you think people would object strongly to the
idea of anyone - especially a being of almost another dimension - occupying
the same space, body, mind, etc. that we consider to be "solely" our own. I
think many people who were asked to consider this type of reality would
REALLY object.

On the other hand, I notice that we all really try to keep our experience
of adepts at the level of the human. A person, to be considered adept, has
to be blameless and faultless and the minute they commit an error, they are
laughed off as being an impossible impostor. Well, I wish that people would
lighten up. I wish they would forgive EPC for things that were typically
"human" and continue to value the times when she has assisted the ascended
masters and the GWB to manifest.

I mean, let's look at the popular Gremlin episodes on TV. Don't they sort
of peak out of the human bodies they inhabit from time to time? Well, if we
were the gremlins and the bodies were inhabited by adepts, I think I would
still care for, appreciate, and long for the contact with other gremlins.
It would be as if I could just sigh a sigh of relief that the other lives
are still contactable, that there are others like me and that we will
continue to exist even when Ascended Masters have completely come forth
into the physical material world in every way possible. Right now we are a
race of beings that are used to fending for ourselves. Someday, it might be
possible that our role on earth changes drastically.

What I am trying to say is that if the androgynous sixth race could be
looked at as half Ascended Master (next kingdom) and half human, what a lot
of good could come forth from the experience. What a lot of learning! What
a complete revision of our approaches to our problems! On p. 445 of the SD,
edited by Boris de Zirkoff, Copyright 1978 by TPH, and First Quest Edition
1993, right before Volume II, Part II, HPB discusses the beginnings of the
expected race and how these "pioneers - the peculiar children who will grow
into peculiar men and women - be regarded as anomalous lusus naturae,
abnormal oddities physically and mentally." Then eventually, as time
passes, it is our "present men" who will be regarded as "exceptional
mongrels" until they die out.

So I only wish the best for EPC and like you, can't blame those who find
her so different, only I like to think that different is worth working for.
The best abnormal in my understanding is this type of channeling and
linking with the next kingdom, calling them forth to manifest through our
very lives and to live through us. It should be a common understanding, not
something so difficult to imagine.


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