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Apr 05, 1998 10:35 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Jeffrey Michael Hoover wrote:

> Bart Lidofsky Sunday, April 05, 1998 7:15 PM:
> > By his or her deeds, you shall know him or her. Which excludes pretty
> > much everybody currently claiming the title...
> I don't understand your comment? Those who knew HPB knew she was real. Those
> who read accounts from the distance might say what you did. Are you a true
> believer in HPB or are you a posion pill on this line?

 I said currently claiming the title. HPB, and others of her time, had personal
contact with Mahatmas and their chelas, and not just channeled content. And she did
not elicit confessions from their members, promised to destroy them, and kept them
for future reference. Nor did she preach sexual faithfulness while cheating on her
husband. Nor did she advocate members stockpiling weapons, nor did she sell them
weapons at wildly inflated prices. Now, which person claiming to be a messenger did
all of the above?

 Bart Lidofsky

> I was able to sign up
> at the drop of a hat. No crediblity check or the like. Who knows who I really
> AM?
> Jeffrey

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