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Re:Question: What signs HPB left to locate new messenger?

Apr 05, 1998 11:07 AM
by Dr A M Bain

Jeffrey Michael Hoover <> writes
> Because of their self-mastery and oneness with God,
>the ascended masters are the preeminent teachers of mankind.

No doubt this is part of their message? When it comes to it, if anyone
claims to have contact with masters, mistresses, ascended whoevers,
we have only the word of the person who makes the claim. We can
choose to believe it, or to verify it. The attempt to verify truth is in line
with the TS motto, whereas belief without personal and first hand
evidence is, IMO, an admission of either gullibility or wishful thinking.
C.W.Leadbeater described "Life on Mars" using his self proclaimed
clairvoyance. His description is so fanciful that later printings of the
work containing it have had it expurgated (without acknowledging the
fact.) [Original source: The Inner Life, 2 vols.(in vol 2) 1st edition
1911, Adyar]

Dr. A.M.Bain

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