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Fw: False Gurus

Apr 05, 1998 07:43 AM
by Jeffrey Michael Hoover


Joleen & Group,

Additionally, here is my own measuring stick:

Any comments?


 In traditional Judaism, the Shema affirms the oneness of God and the
monotheism of Judaism. The first and second sections of the shema are
taken from Moses' final advice to the Israelites on the eve of their entrance into
the land of Canaan. The Statement "the Lord is One" is intended to remind the
Israelites not to worship other gods and idols because their God is the one,
true God who is above all other gods.
 God alone --and not the lesser gods of material comfort, human personality or
worldly honor-- should be the object of our devotion.

 When listening to any person purporting to be spiritual, look at them like a
child. A child often speaks in baby talk. Swiss cheese of spiritual
information coming through. Sometimes they sound crazy. Yet, even a common
criminal can give us spiritual information without realizing it. God works
with us using "math dot Cards" of information. We need to look for hidden
messages "without logic" for our soul development within the clusters of events
happening around us. Very few things happen haphazardly!

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the
ways of death(1). The way of seeking a Utopian society (whether through
socialism or capitalism or communism) through a one-world superstate or a
scientific humanism is a vanity and will lead to the death of the soul
because it is not founded upon the rock of Christ(2), the comforter our
Lord Holy Christ Self that comes to the individual son and daughter of God.

 Those who abandon the holiness of Mother as the giver of life, as the
Woman clothed with the Sun who must rise to give birth to the Manchild(3)
--those who abandon the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for the false
gods, and the anti-gods of the lesser self and the lesser personality--
will find that their plans and their projects, however well intended, will
come to naught.

 Those who worship at the altar of the personality cult, when that
personality is the human ego, have already been forewarned: "Thou shalt
have no other gods before me!"(4) Those leaders who lead the people--
themselves in disobedience to the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and
the Great Command of Love, seeking self-gain while ignoring the
admonishment "Feed my sheep"(5) are excluding the Christ within the sons
and daughters of God.

 How the innocent sheep are led astray because they have not known them
by their fruits!(6) There are many evildoers who come in the name of the
Master, usurping his authority and the devotion of his followers by their
proud and vain talking and even by their vain deeds. One must not overlook
the sign of danger that always begins with the glorification of the self,
the lies, and imitations of the Christ.

 There are those that are determined to destroy the Christ within the
individual through the ultimate perversion of religion and the life of
Christ and of the Word of God recorded in sacred scripture. A fallen one,
an archdeceiver who appears here and there with Lucifer's agents attempting
to deceive, if it were possible, the very elect(7) by an anti-Christ
philosophy, making himself a god unto himself as the fallen ones have done.

 Denying the law of God, they have become a law unto themselves. And
in the final hours of their incarnation, knowing that they have but a short
time(8) before their final judgment, they have sought to take with them the
light-bearers --not in a mere suicide of the body, but in the suicide of
the soul through the ultimate denial of Christ in a cult of anti-Life.

(1) Proverbs 14:12, 15:25.
(2) Matthew 16:18.
(3) Revelation 12:1, 2, 5.
(4) Exodus 20:3.
(5) John 21:15-20.
(6) Mathew 7:15-20.
(7) Mathew 24:24.
(8) Revelation 12:12.


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