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Re:Yugo Section Split -- The Importance of Open Communication

Feb 19, 1998 05:54 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> Jerry Hejka-Ekins wrote:
> > Bart, the Canadian Section did recognize Adyar.   It is true that they were compelled to
> > change their bylaws to be in compliance with Canadian national law.  But the Canadian
> > Section continued to honor all of the rules not expressly outlawed by their own country.
> > For instance, If they had violated rule 43 (That each Section pays 15% of member's fees to
> > Adyar), then I would say that Adyar had grounds for expelling them.  However, this was not
> > the case.  The Canadian Section continued to pay tribute to and recognize Adyar in every
> > way the Canadian government permitted them.
>     As I have already said that I disagreed with Adyar's actions, I am not going to go very
> far to defend them.
>     Bart Lidofsky

"Not going to go very far to defend them"?  If you disagree with Adyar's actions, then why do
you defend them on this at all?


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