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Re:what is the New Acropolis?

Feb 16, 1998 12:01 PM
by Govert Schuller

>> I did a quick search on infoseek and found a web page on
>> New Acropolis:
>> I did not have a chance to look at it. Has anyone been or known
>> any members of this organization?
>I went there.  It is chartered on three Basic Principles which are
>nearly identical (reworded only) to that of the TS.
>If they became/are Nazi/fundamentalist...  They would have to be in
>violation of their own First Object.   kinda of scary.
>john e. mead

I went there too and found a very well done site with many interesting
items, most of which are in either the Spanish, French or Portuguese
language. I did find an English homage to HPB and a different French article
titled 'HPB, a necessary rehabilitation,' which mentions Harrison's critique
of the Hodgson Report.

I also found two French articles taking position against racism. In one I
found the phrase "the unity of the [human] species destroys all racist
prejudice."  There was also a thoughtful article about the metaphysical
status of womanhood with an esoteric critique of feminism. This to show that
I did not find anything Nazi/fundamentalist about this site. Looking at its
programs and offered literature I have to conclude that the site seems to be
the product of a group of people with a genuine theosophical mindset.

Having said that I can indeed imagine an expelled lodge finding refuge in
this organization.

If anybody has hard evidence that this organization is different than what
it seems to be on its website I like to hear from him.


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