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Re:The Teaching - K. Long

Feb 16, 1998 09:47 AM
by Jerry Schueler

    >Dear Pathfinder:
    >If you have Judge's OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY -- a short book of about 180 =
pages - could >you review the chapters 8, 9, and 10 on Reincarnation.  =
Link this with Karma (Chapter >11), and, if you desire to understand the =
basis for "spiritualism" and "channeling" you can >read with profit =
Chapters 5, 12, and especially 1 and 17 wherein he reviews PSYCHIC =
    >Judge's work is an epitome of THE SECRET DOCTRINE.  It tallies =
closely with HPB's >KEY TO THEOSOPHY,=20
    Dallas, I like Judge too, but I have to say that his thoughts on =
    laws" are terribly one-sided. I also don't see any real comparison
    between the SD and his Ocean. I would consider G de Purucker's
    work an "epitome of the SD" much more so than anything Judge wrote.
    This is purely my own opinion, of course. But I have read everything
    Judge wrote, and find it very exoteric and "surfacy" stuff albeit =
    for beginners.
    Jerry S.

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