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Re: Cyril Scott etc

Feb 13, 1998 09:05 PM
by Govert Schuller

Received this from John Laidlaw, who gave permission to share this e-mail.

>I have read, with interest, much of the content of the Alpheus website.
>References to Cyril Scott caught my eye in the correspondence from Ms Jean
>Overton Fuller (for whose works I have a great deal of respect) and your
>printed reply.
>The writings of Scott featured strongly in the early years of my 'search'
>into metaphysical matters - some 30 odd years ago - and I wonder if I may
>add one or two comments of my own.
>Scott, in his autobiography, manages to still leave us somewhat mystified
>over the central character 'JMH' in his wonderful 'Initiate' books by still
>referring to the afterword in an edition of Outline of Modern Occultism
>where he states that '.... the material was given to me by someone else
>whose identity could not be revealed.'
>Having said that, the main characters appearing within that series of books
>are clearly named within the autobiography .... Brian Ross (David Anrias),
>Nelsa Chaplin (Christabel Portman), Florin Jones (Toni Bland and, of
>course, Rose Allatini (Viola) - his real wife. One can assume from this
>alone that the bulk of the stories are based on actualities.
>As to the central character - JMH - elsewhere in the autobiography, much is
>made of Scott's interest in Tantrik Yoga and his association with a
>remarkable teacher of physiological Yoga - Dr. P.A.Bernard. Scott describes
>this man as a 'great Yogi', one who was able to 'hold his breath for 10
>minutes at a time and go off into samadhi'.
>Some years after reading the Initiate books and before obtaining the
>autobiography, I came across a book on Hatha Yoga written by a certain
>Theos Bernard....
>I quote from the preface ....
>'....I became the sincere disciple of a highly esteemed teacher and settled
>down at his retreat in the hills near Ranchi.....
> In order to further my studies, it was suggested by my teacher that I go
>to Tibet..... My first intimate contact with the training as it is found in
>Tibet was through a renowned hermit on the border in northern Sikkim.....
>My travels culminated in a pilgrimage to the holy city, Lhasa where I was
>accepted as an incarnation of a Tibetan saint....'
>Dr. Bernard gained access to manuscripts and training through his
>acceptance as a re-incarnating saint and subsequently gained the facility
>to enter samadhi etc.
>I have always, since obtaining this priceless book of teaching, had a
>sneaking suspicion that the Dr. P.A. Bernard mentioned by Scott and Dr.
>Theos Bernard M.A., Ph.D., LL.B were one and the same and were the
>inspiration behind J.M.H.
>Consider the following text, printed within the inside of the second leaf
>of this book...
>'This account of the death of the author was related by Mr.G.A.Bernard, the
>author's father:
> "In 1947, Theos Bernard was on a mission to the KI monastery in western
>Tibet in search of some special manuscripts. While on his way, rioting
>broke out among the Hindus and the Moslems in that section of the hills;
>all Moslems including women and children in the little village from which
>Theos departed were killed.
> "The Hindus then proceeded into the mountains in pursuit of the Moslems
>who had accompanied Theos as guides and muleteers. These Moslems, it is
>reported, learning of the killings, escaped, leaving Theos and his Tibetan
>boy alone on the trail. It is further reported that both were shot and
>their bodies thrown into the river.
> "To date we have not been able to get any authentic information on the
>entire circumstances of his death, nor have we any line on the effects
>Theos had with him. That region of Tibet is so very remote that it is
>unlikely we shall ever learn the full details."
>How very sad .... but how very 'Damodar..esque'.
>Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
>The Book is Hatha Yoga by Theos Bernard and published by Rider & Company.
>John Laidlaw

['Hatha Yoga' and 'Hindu Philosophy' by Bernard are at Olcott.]

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