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Re:Brotherhood of Humanity

Feb 10, 1998 10:58 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

John E Mead wrote:

> >     What, in your opinion, does "Brotherhood of Humanity" mean?

> well... it would help if you actually read the whole sentence.   :-)

    No problem; it was not intended as a trick question, or even one that
everybody will answer in the same way. I once pointed out that the TS does have
one dogma: That there IS a brotherhood of humanity. It was pointed out to me,
though, that "brotherhood of humanity" can mean different things to different
people. For example, it could simply mean that we are all related to each
other. It can mean that we are all part of a given whole, so that not only are
you your brother's keeper, you are your brother.

> the concept is to help eliminate the various and primary causes of
> Humanity's
> disrest and sufferrings (causes are as stated in the object itself)

    In my own opinion, that certainly covers part of it.

> a few examples...
> support more parliaments of the world religions

    I like that.

> support nation-states to eliminate despotism and social slavery

    I am really (no sarcasm) not sure what that means. Could you elaborate?

> support efforts to feed, clothe, educate all who are in need

    Blavatsky, in her article "Hypnotism" actually covers those who might
consider that interfering with the karma of others; she uses the example of a
doctor in a prison, who cannot commute the sentences, but at least makes the
prisoners a little more comfortable.

> the list is endless....   you *well* know what it means don't you???
> (MHO - I am assuming you are playing a rather silly rhetorical game)

    No, actually, as I pointed out, there are many possible ways to look at the
brotherhood of humanity. I think that having people state what they mean by it
is a very useful point of discussion among Theosophists.

> of course the statement you want to make is that it is such an overwhelming
> all-encompassing task that it is meaningless to bring it to the attention
> of the public?  if so...

    No. But it is such an overwhelming and all-encompassing task that it needs
to be brought out in forms that will reach the highest number of people. Also,
consider that a basic understanding of how the universe works will bring on an
understanding of the brotherhood of humanity.

    Bart Lidofsky

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