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Re:Excuse me!? On limited number of souls

Feb 02, 1998 07:22 PM
by Pam Giese

>From: "Keith Price" <>
> Look around you.  Do you see evidence of spirituality (not talk about it
> cyber or other space) is on the increase in our politics, society or art?
> Go ahead, give some examples that all these crack babies are next to
> Krishnimurti?

Counter.  How can we, in our conceit, say this isn't so?
Look at our own generation.  I come from generations of farmers;the first
to graduate high school; yet  I am a designer in research systems for a
biotechnology company.  A friend of mine came from a similarly poor family
in India, attended a Annie Besant school, and has had an exceptional
technological career.  We don't see what step will appear for the next
generation.  We're lucky if we see the steps in front of us now.  The
coming generation was not born for our time, it was born for their own.


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