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To Dallas

Feb 02, 1998 10:22 AM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Dear Dallas,

I have several books by the Mme., SD I & II, Isis I & II, Key, Glossary,
and maybe some others hidden in the nooks and crannies.  Also close to the
tradition of Blavatsky, I have almost all the de Puruckers.  Due to her
writing style of cramming the book with diverse information (like throwing
clothes into a suitcase and then sitting on it to close it), I was never
able to read SD I & II from beginning to end.  I've been using them as
references.  I would read a page, a big question mark would arise, I then
pick up other books (more understandable and well-written) to read in
reference to that.  It's a very slow process.  It's a BIG study of
comparative religion, science, history, the supernatural and anthropology!
Because some things do not agree with my knowledge of science and
anthropology, I often had to wonder whether there's an esoteric meaning to
them.  And people wonder why some theosophists aren't reading SD I and II.

I do appreciate your giving out references.  I also find value in people
figuring things out for themselves.  Both ways of obtaining information are
valid.  Without the former, we would not have the foundation with which to
build our knowledge and creative power.  Without the latter, there would be
no creative power.  The creative process, to me, is the result of what IS
KNOWN passing through you, me, we, synthesizing to form THE NEW.  That's
why I shake my head at the debate between giving out referenced information
and personal information.

I find time to read the posts because knowledge in is important to me.  I
cannot respond because my rushing will not do justice to what I want to say
and would not be a proper response to the posts.  I could send in some
jokes. :o)  Poetry, perhaps. :o)).

I'm glad to hear that you are doing good.  Write on, Dallas!

Thoa :o)

>Dear Thoa: O
>Glad to hear from you, and quite understand the pressures.  There is so
>much to do one has to time-fit many things.  Here too.
>Do you have any books by Mme. Blavatsky to refer to with you ?  Sometimes I
>can draw attention to things already there which can clarify better than I
>could write -- there is some value increment in going direct to the source,
>and I would prefer sending you to look where I have also browsed.
>My health is now quite restored -- bronchitis turned to pneumonia, and
>shortness of breath was pronounced -- used new antibiotic Ziporex to get
>rid of infection which was preventing O2 and CO2 exchange in lungs.
>Best wishes,            Dallas
>                                      Dallas  TenBroeck
>                             (818) 222-8024
>                                   23145 Park Contessa,
>                             Calabasas, Ca., 91302, USA.

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