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Re:Analysis, opposition, hostility?

Oct 29, 1997 03:48 PM
by Nicholas Weeks


Surely therefore, one can react forcefully against your notions
about the identity & motivations of the Adepts after (or even
during) examining them -- and finding them (the notions, that is)

> Who am I to deny others that right? But forceful reactions are by
> nature emotional and physical, and therefore *personal.* That, by
> its nature, tends to direct the reactions toward a person rather
> than an idea.

"By nature" is debatable.  Nature is composite, as are humans.
We and it are a 7-fold interdependent flowing network of forces.
While probably true that the majority (two-thirds??) of critical
writing has more kama & prana than higher manas pervading it;
even that may not be devoid of the higher triad.

> The extent to which an attack on a book is recognizably personal
> in tone is a clue to outside observers about the level of
> consciousness from which the criticisms emanate.

The most important component you have not mentioned.  You -- the
perceiver.  We see, feel & are the "tone" nearly always.
Everyone looks & lives through their own *personal* aura.  The
more we expect & look for the personal, the more we live there,
the more we experience *our own personal, elemental, self*.  Also
the more we live in the personal the more difficult it is to
recognize the impersonal.  The person "out there" is truly
irrelevant.  Whether they are dedicated enemies or innocent
babes, we mainly feel what *we are* -- not what they are.

> Could you elaborate or explain, then? Whence the emotional
> intensity and personal attacks, if not from preexisting
> assumptions and attachments?

You are exactly right Paul, but the "preexisting assumptions and
attachments" that cause 90 percent of the trouble are *yours*.
The same exact problem dogs myself & every human being.  We look
for devils or angels *outside* -- when within us lies the problem
& solution.

If you have any confidence in karma, then you must know,
theoretically, that every event or person that crosses our path
was dependent to some degree on our own attitudes,
predispositions (kleshas & vasanas they are called) and acts --
whether in this lifetime or a past one.  If we overreact with
aversion or attachment these situations will simply happen again
and again.

Practically speaking one cannot cover the planet with carpeting
(as Shantideva almost said, long ago) -- so we wear shoes.  Deal
with your own character first and then criticism will not matter
to you, for you will no longer feel (or at least you will not
suffer from feeling) those "slings & arrows" from we horrible
critics that tread by night.

The Bodhisattva Shantideva also said "If a problem can be removed
there is no need to worry -- if the problem cannot be solved,
there is nothing that can be done -- so, again -- why worry."


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