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Oct 29, 1997 06:05 AM
by M K Ramadoss


> I agree.  Also time consuming, especially for peons like Nick and
> myself, who get kicked off our server if we go over one hour!

Hi, Dara: I am not sure how your system works.  As for mine, I
just dial and connect and retrieve all msgs and disconnect.  This
takes about 1 minute for 100 msgs.  Then off-line I spend as much
time as needed to read and respond.  When I am ready to send
msgs, again I dial and connect and send all the msgs one time.
This takes about a minute to send 100 msgs.  So with 2 minutes of
connect time to Internet, I am able to send 100 and receive 100
msgs.  This also allows me to repeat as many times as my other
work permit.

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