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Re:Buddhist drunks

Oct 07, 1997 03:16 PM
by Brenda S Tucker


> Living in the goodness of love is the gift of kindness.  The
> karmic mechanism which pushes us onward.  We are not damned for
> having sex and drinking, we are damned, if that phrase is
> appropriate, for not loving.  For using sex and drinking to our
> or anyother's detriment.  Silly isn't it to think in terms of
> damnation, etc., what an Aristotelian self deprecating position
> to take.
> More's the pity too many of us live with the illusion that our
> own judgments and those of others are what counts, hence the idea
> of damnation.  Pax,

If purity and love can both exist simultaneously, then a battle
has been won.  Many times we would gladly sacrifice our purified
"ivory tower" to enter and influence a world where goodness has
strayed.  This would be the love within us yearning for the
contact with other divine sparks.

Whether it is purity or love we crave, who is doing the craving?
If it is our higher self instructing us in divine living, then we
must listen to the voice of the presence.  One of the two
qualities alone could not suffice to make us more than human, but
together, and alongside the many other qualities, the energy of
purity and the energy of love are driving forces within our
being.  I've just about decided that there is a greater love than
mine in the Ascended Masters, so why not allow them and that
greater love to manifest in my world.  Likewise, if there is
purity in this world, wouldn't it be them.  I used to associate
purity as ONE quality which I could place as emphasis either on
spirit, mind, emotions, or even on body.  Purification on any one
plane of existence going on for a time as a sort of meditation.
Then, it occurred to me that maybe this isn't exacting enough.  I
didn't feel myself pure in body, nor in spirit, when compared to
the great beings who instruct us.  So purity, and all associated
activities of producing purity, became for me an ascended master
activity.  THEY are what's truly pure in my life.  The only added
distinction I might make is that while I, myself, do not consider
my life to be pure, when it is used by them, it becomes PURE.
What is pure in me is the Ascended Master, because I invite them
to live in me.

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