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Re:Neanderthal Man

Aug 24, 1997 11:16 AM
by Mike Perala


> Dallas:
> > If, as Science now tells us, we use only about 10% of our brain
> > capacity in living, what about the other 90% ?. What is it there
> > for? This is under investigation.
> You are describing a myth; in fact, it is well known what happens
> with the rest of our brain capacity. We are only using 10% of
> our brain in any given moment, but the other parts are memories
> we aren't using, and redundancy. The last is EXTREMELY
> important, as, after age 30, our brain starts to deteriorate.
> Without the redundancy, we would not live past our early 30's.

That`s very interesting. I have repeated that "myth" myself too.
Then, where are the so called "psychic" abilities located in our
brain or do they have much to do with brains at all? Or maybe
some kind of combinations with different parts of brain
unknown(not parts but the combinations) to scientists?

Stupid question perhaps, but I unfortunately have not much
knowledge about this subject.

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