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Re:Neanderthal Man

Aug 22, 1997 03:56 PM
by Brenda S Tucker


> Actually, I take her evolutionary scheme VERY seriously. I
> believe it to be true. However, if you read it carefully,
> NOWHERE does she say that the creatures who had the human monads
> in previous races and rounds were our physical anscestors. If
> the 4th root race reached heights of 50 feet, then we can be sure
> that this was not the case, as the human frame cannot hold up at
> that height. Note that Blavatsky's major disagreement with
> Darwin was that Darwin thought that evolution was caused by
> random changes; Blavatsky considered them to be purposeful.

I'm kind of late getting out a response to this message, but if
it doesn't change the thread too much, could you please explain
what you mean by "the frame not holding up at that height?" What
happens to people who are seven feet tall? What do you mean by
breaking apart? I'm sure you are referring to scientific

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