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Re:Neanderthal Man

Aug 20, 1997 04:08 PM
by Richard Taylor


Considering that you don't seem to take HPB's evolutionary scheme
very seriously, you are sure opening a can of worms by asking
about Neanderthal Man. The standard answer of course is that
humans never evolved from the lower orders of life, but emerged
out of the astral fully formed, though huge. In HPB's view (and
I assume she was instructed in this, not making it up) the apes
and other primates are a hybrid of human and animal, and not our
ancestors. Genetic games, apparently, were going on even then.
Our friend Edgar Cayce talks about ancient races deliberately
creating human-animal hybrid species to function as servant
races, and that this really horrendous karma eventually caught up
with them. (I can find the source if anyone is interested) When
Cayce and HPB seem to agree, I think it's worth even non-The
osophists taking a look!


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