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Aug 02, 1997 08:20 AM
by Keith Price

Bart Lidofsky:

There seems to be a lot of talk about an open minds and there
danger. What all codified belief system and their organizations
want are true believers, storm troopers, even if in sheep's
clothing, for their agendas.

The history of the Christian Church is too well known to repeat -
Galileo, the inquisition and all the rest. In Iran, the Moslems
have more or less turned back to the dark ages socially, if not

Yes, an open mind can be confused with a hole in the head, but
only time and evolution of thougt/consciousness itself in the
robes of Karma will tell - not you or I.

I think BOTH perspectives are needed. We have conservatives who
WHEREVER they appear want to preserve the past and its records
and untouchable. This may have merit in that some who are doing
work on the bible and the Hebrew alphabet have show that there
may be secret/ occult / metaphoric layers that we are not aware
of and if you change one letter, you loose the code. In poetry
the same, idea holds, that you can't translate it really the
words and the ryhme and the meter are all-too-important.

Yet on the other hand, the scientific methodology always allows
for new theories that may prove or disprove or improve on the
past - a la Newton and quatumn physics both being valid for
different levels.

I am getting wordy, but the point is that THEOSOPHY can be a big
tent allowing for many perspectives like Eldon Tucker suggests
are it can be a set of ever smaller factions preserving their


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