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Jun 22, 1997 11:09 AM
by Eldon B Tucker


I got the following message today and was wondering what others
might suggest.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding the request in this
message? (for scholarships/financial support for people from
poorer countries to attend theosophical conventions)

-- Eldon

>Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 03:15:46 +0300
>From: "Eugen Matota" <>
>Subject: Theosophy
>X-MDMail-Server: MDaemon v2.5 rA b1 32R
>Dear Sir,
>>From the beginning, sorry for my English, I'm writing from Romania,
>where everybody's speaking Romanian...
>I'm very interested in Theosophy and, finding your message on the Net, I
>decided to send you this email because I hope you can help to find an
>answer to my problem.
>I don't intend to take to much of your time, so I'll be short:
>I've been invited to attend to an International Seminary in Holland, at
>The International Theosophical Centre in Naarden.
>But I'm living in a country where the ticket to Amsterdam ($400)
>represents half of the income for the whole year. Well, that's it..
>So, to be really short, I wonder if you could give an idea:  what to do
>to receive a sponsorship. Is there a way to act in this kind of
>I will be very happy if you'll give me a hint.
>Your sincerely,
>Eugen Matota

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