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Mr. J. Price memo

Jun 21, 1997 04:53 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Mr. Price:

	I received your memo and quite frankly do not understand it, so I will
route this through T-World.

	If you wish to ask a question pleae do so, I will be glad to answer, if
I can.

			Sincerely,		Dallas TenBroeck


This is what I received:

 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

> From: Eldon B. Tucker
> Sent:   Wednesday, June 18, 1997 3:31 PM
> Subject: Asteroids, Comets, Meteors, etc.
> I received the following comments from Dallas TenBroeck that
> I've been told are ok to pass on.
> -- Eldon
> ----
> I noted the news items on the strange orbit of the asteroid in
> question -- around Sun and Earth.
> As I recall, in the SD, in dealing with conditions prior to the
> settling down of comets into stable orbits there is stated that
> there would be many conflicts, and only those which established
> parabolic orbits would be able to "save themselves" from being
> englobed or attached to already existing planets, globes, etc...
> I would have to look up the exact pages if you or others want.
> It is a series of strange statements, and for those I have no
> other corroboration. In any case it takes in astronomics so much
> time for things to happen, that only observations over millennia
> might give a clue to actual events in our future. It is a pity
> that the Chaldean, Egyptian and Indian records of observations
> are no longer available for our checking and use.
> I found 2 references in the SD where it was stated that evidences
> of organic materials was found on meteorites that had been
> captured by the Earth. They are indexed there. I am thinking of
> all the fuss made some months back about the meteorite supposedly
> blasted from the face of Mars by cometary impact. Apparently
> those who wrote the SD were aware of such things.
> Many more interesting references about astronomical anomalies are
> to be found in the SD:
> I 204 (top) - On Cometary orbits
> I 593-4     - Master on comets, etc
> I 597, 602  - Matter of Comets, etc. different from our Earth matter
> II 158, 706 - Organic matter found in meteorites
> Dear Eldon Tucker:
> I am confused.  I am recently back on-line and cannot keep up with all the new
> e-mail (lists?)
> I asume that this is your list (correct?) or is theosophy world?
> It seems Olcott (TSA) has their own list moderated by Joan somebody.
> And of course there is the oldest theos-l.    Can you briefly help me sort
> this out if you have time?  I do not have anyone's private e-mail address
> anymore since I changed internet providers.
> Thanks for your help.   It may be a help to put this is as a general  post or
> a FAQ for real newcomers!   Is their a FAQ on all this.   Sorry to bother you!
> Namaste
> Keith Price

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