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Re:Theosophical Encyclopaedia

Jun 19, 1997 02:50 AM
by Richard Taylor

"Kaiser-i-Hind" is a unique title in world history, it was given ONLY to
Queen Victoria upon the occasion of the change in her royal style and title.
 If any other references can be found IN PRINT to a use of this title before
1 January 1877 I will be most interested, because it was made up specifically
for the Imperial Assembly at Delhi on that date to announce Victoria as
Empress of India.  I must say that guessing as to the meaning of the title is
not helpful, espcially when the history of the term is well known.  It is
simply the "Sanskritization" of the title of Roman Caesar, German Kaiser,
Russian Czar, with the preposition i thrown in, meaning "Overlord of India."


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