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Re: Re: Let's get ideas how to be creative

Feb 27, 1997 08:51 PM
by Richard Taylor

> In our study groups, we have found that general assignments, such
> as "keep an eye out for discussion of this topic in your casual
> reading and on television" Works quite well.  No training is
> required--no learning how to navigate through ninety volumes of
> Theosophy Magazine etc.  Some people like to write poems, or have
> their own ways of expressing what they have learned.
> We need to remain very open to these things.  Rejecting the way
> people give feedback to the group is rejecting them as a person,
> and they won't be around for long.

Another great suggestion from Jerry Ekins.  I think one of the
MOST important things we can do in a lodge is accept people as
they are and thankfully accept what they have to offer.  Too
often we want them to play by OUR rules rather than trying to
merge into a team.


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