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Re:"Let get ideas how to be creative

Feb 27, 1997 04:50 AM
by K Paul Johnson

Dear Rich,

ARE Study Groups have the same problem with repeated use of the
same texts, A Search for God I and II, with no provision for what
to do after you got through them the umpteenth time.  My own
group has resolved this in two ways: first, to study together
"circulating files" on specific subjects; second, to study a
compilation called The Edgar Cayce Companion, made up of
excerpts from a great variety of readings on various subjects.  We are
about midway through the latter and it's working fine.

How this would translate into ULT terms is not hard to imagine.
Rather than studying a single book, why not either the
Theosophical Articles booklets or collections like Echoes of the
Orient or HPB Teaches? People need more variety and a quicker
change of subject nowadays that they did 40 years ago.


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