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Re:"Let get ideas how to be creative and grow together by sharing the best of our undertanding."

Feb 24, 1997 11:43 PM
by Martin Leiderman

I would like to propose the topic: inner and outer growth in a
theosoplical lodge...

My opinion is that the Lodge should provide:

- study group sessions on different subjects at different days or
times to address the needs of diffirent types of personalities.

- leadership training where members learn how to express the
inner life outwardly.

- lodge work = karma yoga = member contribute with volunteer time
to help lodge to operate and grow,

- public lectures, round tables, seminars, where members
communicate the ideas and teachings they are understanding and
putting in practice ( not to read 2 books and read a script in
front of 12 people), so in comes from the heart and not from the

- meditation room, of course to meditate, in theosophical words,
to hear the voice of the silence.

- and many other activities like camping to listen to nature and
to study the pranic body of our planet, etc, etc, etc.

Any opinions on this?

Are there any lodges doing something like this.

By the way I am planning this year to open a "West Los Angeles"
Branch of the TSA, where I hope (please read: if karma allows) to
do that and many other activities that members may bring up.

Peace and harmony

ps: (Reflecting of Plato's Republic) Patience is the virtue of
allowing others to the have their time and space to share, to
practice the virtue patience, we must be aware when we are
reacting to others.

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