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Re:A topic

Feb 24, 1997 08:32 AM
by Marshall Hemingway III

I think it all depends on what lodge in the ULT one belongs to as
far as presentation of theosophy is concerned.  Most of the dozen
or so who attend the Lodge I go to are young and middle-aged.  I
guess I'm an exception, being an "old geezer" at age 60.  The
subject matter is confined to the teachings of Madame Blavatsky,
William Quan Judge and Robert Crosby.  Although I belong to other
theosophical societies, I confine my ideas and questions to fit
the parameters laid down by the ULT when I am attending one of
their meetings.  The discussions are always lively and sometimes
the rules are broken because the conversation sometimes goes
beyond the hour scheduled.  Threads of the topic for the day are
carried over by those of us who gather for lunch afterwards.

I have always enjoyed my experience with the United Lodge.
Happily it's been free of dissension because there are no elected
positions, "inner groups", approved speakers, or formal
membership as such....just students learning and trying to follow
the philosophy in a practical way.  I recommend the ULT for
youngsters and as well as "oldsters" to theosophy.


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