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Re: Tim Maroney on the Mahatma Letters - I don't think so.

Feb 07, 1997 09:58 PM
by Jose R Grana

Your comments about the possible european or western origin of
theosophy and/or K.H.  are very interesting.  After thinking
about it, I think I don't agree.

Koot' Hoomi Lal Singh may have been educated in Europe, or at
least may have attended an european university as he almost
suggests in one of his letters when he refers to "us" receiving
education at european universities.  He is talking -or writting
to- an european, so he adapts himself to the mentality and
culture of Mr.  Sinnett, an outsider to occultism.

In other words, if he was writting instead to a hindu or an
asian, the european idioms or quotations would not be there.

I suspect K.H.  is also fluent in some ancient language or
languages and there are some particulars about his caligraphy
that seem to derive from the demands of sanscrit, like those
frequent long lines.

My feeling is that he was born in India, his family in the upper
class, traveled, attended maybe european universities, actually
visited several european countries, who knows if in a mission.

This is only an assumption and you maybe right, but it is obvious
that he feels for India and Tibet and confronts the cultural
colonization by the English "like a native".  Doesn't he?

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